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Thinking of visiting the Charlotte Congregational Church? Please do, we’d love to meet you!

We’re located at 403 Church Hill Road in Charlotte. See a map here.


We meet for Sunday worship at 10:00 a.m.  Below are some questions you may have.  



Who is welcome to worship here? 

Everyone is always welcome to join us for worship.  YOU are welcome to join us for worship.


Where should I park? 

The parking lot is located right behind the church. 


Which door should I use? 

If you arrive before 10 a.m., feel free to enter through the door closest to where you park.  However, if you arrive a bit late, we recommend that you enter through the big front doors, as the pews face the back side of the church (parking lot side).  


What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable.  You will find people in suits and people in jeans.  Some people find that putting on their “Sunday Best” helps them prepare for worship; others feel that they can focus on worship better if they are in more casual clothes.  


Worship Service

What is worship like?

Learn more about our worship on our Sunday Worship page.


How will I know what’s going on during the service? 

When you enter the church, the ushers will hand you a bulletin, which lists the order of worship for that service. It contains the text of the prayers that we will say in unison, and will list the numbers for the hymns that we will be singing. Sometimes, the text and/or music for a hymn will be printed in the bulletin, but usually, the bulletin shows the number of the hymn, which will be found in the hymnals found where you sit.


What should I do with my children? 

Children are welcome!  Your children are always welcome to stay with you in worship, but we also offer a nursery and Sunday School.  Details can be found on our Children & Youth page.


If your children remain with you, we have books and activity bags at the back of the church.  Feel free to ask an usher.


Who may take Communion? 

We have an open table, meaning that all are invited to take communion. This includes children of all ages.  To be as inclusive as possible, we use gluten-free bread and grape juice.


Who are your ministers?

Visit the Ministers & Staff page on our website to learn about our ministers and other staff.


What happens after the service?

After church, you are invited to join us for coffee, light refreshments, and conversation in the Vestry beside the church.  


What happens at Charlotte Congregational Church the rest of the week?

The short answer is—a LOT!  We have many activities for children and youth, Bible and book studies, and very active Social Justice and Missions ministries.

Learn about our Children & Youth Programs

Learn about our Adult Programs 



Where Things Are



There are no restrooms in the sanctuary itself; however, we have three restrooms in the Vestry building next door.  One is on the main floor (to the left of the kitchen), the other two are downstairs, to the left of the first door you walk through.



The nursery is located in the basement of the Vestry beside the church.  Ask an usher or anyone else for directions. It’s not far from the sanctuary, just easier to show than to describe!


Changing Tables

There is a changing table in the nursery, and another one in one of the bathrooms on the lower level.


Nursing Spaces

You are welcome to nurse wherever you would like.  However, if the busy-ness of a bustling sanctuary is distracting, feel free to try the following spaces:

  • There is a couch in the back of the sanctuary

  • There is a balcony, although this is often full of energetic young ones

  • Our Narthex (the entry room just inside the big front doors) has a bench, yet you can still hear what is going on in the service

  • The main room of our Vestry has a speaker where we broadcast the service. Ask an usher for directions, if needed.

  • Although many of the rooms in our Vestry are used for Sunday School during worship, there are many quiet corners in the Vestry, many with chairs or benches.

Worship Service
Where Things Are
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