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Our Mission Statement

Embraced by the healing love of Jesus Christ and inspired by His teachings, we commit ourselves to prayerful, compassionate and courageous action in the world.

Framework for Living Out the Mission Statement

Embraced by the healing love of Jesus Christ...


God’s reconciling love in Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection surrounds us as we see to grow in love, understanding and forgiveness.

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...and inspired by His teachings...


Jesus’ teachings challenge us to discern God’s presence in our own lives, in our joys and in our trials. Based always on love, they call us stretch beyond what is easy and to love our neighbors, pray for our enemies, remove the log from our own eye and judge not others. 

...we commit ourselves to prayerful action in the world.


Jesus modeled for us the importance of prayer and contemplation. We believe that it is first through quietly centering ourselves on God that we receive the strength and inspiration to serve God’s people.

...we commit ourselves to compassionate action in the world.


Compassion literally means to suffer with. Jesus expressed the depth of God’s love by caring and suffering with others. In humility and faith we strive to meet the needs of the world as best we can.

...we commit ourselves to courageous action in the world.


When Jesus saw injustice, He acted, often confronting religious and cultural establishments. He broke unjust laws, challenged authority, rebuked greed, exposed corrupt economic practices, and crossed lines of separation and exclusivity in the name of furthering God’s realm on earth.

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