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Our church takes our commitment to being good stewards of our planet very seriously.  Our Social Justice team lead the effort on the following:


Solar Power

Our church installed a 23,940-watt solar array in 2015.  This array provides enough energy [power] to power all of the  church buildings – the sanctuary, the vestry, and the parsonage – with enough left over to donate the surplus [extra power] to JUMP (the Joint Urban Ministries Project).  This system has reduced our carbon footprint and offsets approximately 10,000 pounts of carbon dioxide emissions per year. 


Caring for Our Watershed

Charlotte Congregational Church participates in the Ahead of the Storm effort, which works to reduce runoff water issues in the Lake Champlain watershed.  Part of the church parking lot was paved in 2019 using a permeable material and sloped and graded in a way that will reduce both runoff and erosion.

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