A Prayer for Palm Sunday


Out of Line by Rev. Susan Cooke Kittredge


Holy God,

Shoulder to shoulder, seat to seat,

heads bowed down and feet to feet

we sit and listen, sit and pray

and watch the unfolding of this holy day.


Observers we at this frightening hour

lined up in rows to watch the power

of a people’s fear make love grow dim

as all cry with one voice: “Crucify him!”


Standing on the streets of Jerusalem,

standing shoulder to shoulder

feet to feet,

would we have offered an apple to eat?

Would we have reached a hand to wipe

the sweat, the blood, the tears, the fright?

Or turned instead from the sight

and prayed to God, “This isn’t right.”

And nothing done that wasn’t safe

that wasn’t meek, that caused a chafe

against the chains we all must wear

When guilt’s the burden that we bear.


We line up at the traffic light,

we sit in rows this morning bright,

and in our lines at the grocery store,

cart to cart we wish for more.

But ever do we fill that cart

with food for those with broken hearts?

Step out of line and help the man

who does not see his favorite can,

who cannot reach the topmost shelf

who cannot help his broken self?


Grant us the courage, give us the heart

from expectations to depart

that we may step out of line

and in your love radiant shine--

One person here, another there

offering hope, offering care,

giving help, standing out

asking why, expressing doubt,

reaching with love to those in need,

that Easter morn we may indeed

proclaim with joy and radiant glee

He lives today for you and me!




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