Holy Week Services



Palm Sunday, 10 am

Entering into Jerusalem Jesus was hailed as the Messiah, the Savior, the King. Palm branches were laid before him and crowds thronged the streets. But Jesus alone knew what really lay before him.


Maundy Thursday

Footwashing Service, 6:30 pm (in the Vestry)

The night of his betrayal Jesus performed the caring and gentle ritual of washing his disciples’ feet. Encircled by candles and sacred music, we will  gather to reenact this evening. Come join our circle, everyone is welcome whether you wish to participate in the actual footwashing or just be with us in prayer and song.


Tenebrae Service, 7 pm (in the Vestry)

The word “Tenebrae” means “shadows” so the service moves from light to darkness as candles are extinguished.  On his last night Jesus gathered with his disciples for a Passover meal, a ritual that was already ancient in Jesus’ time and is still observed today. This service integrates the Christian sacrament of communion with the gathering of friends at Jesus’ last supper.


Holy Vigil, 8 pm - 3 pm Friday

In the garden of Gesthemene, alone through the night, Jesus implored his sleeping friends, “Could you not stay awake with me one hour?” We answer, “Yes,” and so will take turns staying awake, watching and praying. The sanctuary will be open, warm and candlelit from 8 pm until 3 pm Friday when He was taken down from the cross.



Stations of the Cross, 3:30 pm

The Stations of the Cross began in the ancient pilgrimage that Christians made to Jerusalem during Holy Week, stopping along the way to    pray at different “stations.” Those who could not make the trek mirrored the ritual by creating stations in their own churches where they could  mark and observe Jesus’ last days. We will walk up the hill behind the church and pray at the 14 stations where crosses have been placed. (Wear mud boots!)



Easter Egg Hunt, 1 pm


Easter Sunrise Service, 5:30 am  

We will meet in the parking lot and walk to the top of the hill where we will have a service of celebration as the sun comes up. (Bring mud boots!)

Easter Service, 9 am

Joyous celebration of Jesus’ resurrection!

Easter Service, 11 am

Same joyous celebration of Jesus’ resurrection!


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