First Food Sundays!


We are starting something new on the first Sundays of the month! Beginning Sunday May 1st, we will have a potluck brunch after worship instead of coffee hour. Come share some food and companionship. Please drop your dishes in the Vestry before worship. The Music Committee is in charge of coffee hour for May so they will provide beverages.


For years we have tried to remember to bring food for the Food Shelf on the first Sunday of the month, but most of us forget. We’re hoping that now on the first Sundays we will think: Communion: 1) Food for our souls and bodies; 2) Food shared in company and 3) Food for the hungry in our community.


Donations to the Food Shelf are $3,545.56 LESS than they were last year at this time, and last year's donations were 20% down (about $5,500) from the year before.


The Food Shelf Wish List:

Kids after school snacks, fruit cups, crackers, Cheerio's+ Rice Krispies Cereal, anything non-perishable that your child likes.

Taxable items cannot be purchased with food stamps, so hair shampoo, dish soap, TP, Kleenex tissue are all needed.


The Food Shelf can purchase tax free so a donation check in any amount is much appreciated.

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